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Master' s degree of Arts & Vision

The MAVI is a Master's degree in fine art research dedicated to promoting an international perspective. This Master's is open to maximum 10 to 12 students per year.


The Master's degree "Arts and International Creation" (MAVI - Master's degree of Arts and Vision) aims to introduce the student into the dynamics of research in sync with the international occupational environment, in a logic of social innovation. So, any project leads to a realization susceptible to address the student and its practice in a process of international fulfillment. It also intends to develop a network of Alumnis which can benefit personal and collective researches. Finally, the most accomplished projects can be the object of an extension as a part of a thesis in visual art.


Through this international Master's degree the students will reach directly a dynamics of reflection of art and globalization. For that purpose, they will be connected to the « Impacte Universitaire » of the Organization of the United Nations, an initiative of the UN Secretary-General, and will may use the resources of the United Nations. They will also join an excellent frame thanks to the envisaged multiple partnerships, in particular with the IHEST (Institute of the High Studies in Sciences and Technologies), the Institute of Tout Monde founded by the philosopher Edouard Glissant, the EPSAA or still Parsons School, NYU, etc. So many partners with whom it will be possible to develop projects.


In our chaotic era, the MAVI questions and puts in perspective the empowerment of the artist, the responsibility of its work within a society often constituted by independent and separate organisms. Paradigm of the autonomy of the artist is so convened through stemming representations most of the time by international transverse initiatives, connecting the art with other disciplines. It is a question of handling the question of the international traffic of flows, of the poetics of the relation between the artist and its close or distant environment, of the emergence of the new technologies in the context of the information society. The question of the responsibility of the work will also be studied in the alder of the emergence of the new statuses of the artist.


Every academic year, the researches for the MAVI will be mainly pointed at focuses. Both themes approached within the framework of the academic year 2016-2017 will be Art and Environment (problems stemming from agreements of Paris) / Art and Mathematical (Hackers, freedom of expression and security company).

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